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DiagnosticsIf you’re driving and the dreaded check engine light suddenly illuminates your dashboard, it could be caused by a number of different issues. The check engine light could indicate something minor, such as a loose gas cap, or it may mean there’s something a whole lot more serious going on. Don’t ignore your check engine light, since it may indicate that your engine is in need of serious attention. No matter what, you can count on the experts at Bird Automotive LLC to diagnose the problem quickly and get it corrected for safe driving. This light is a signal from your car’s engine computer that something is wrong, so it’s vital that we help you determine the cause as soon as possible.

Check Engine Light Oak Grove, MO

The check engine light indicates that there’s a problem based on a large list of different diagnostic trouble codes. When you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll connect it to a computer that can pull the code from your engine’s computer. These codes can mean anything from minor annoyances to major engine trouble. It’s important to note that this light is different from the “service required” light, which typically means you just need an oil change or a fluid top-off. We will run an onboard vehicle diagnostics to find the correct code and match it with a specific problem.

There are hundreds of reasons why your check engine light could turn on. Some of the most common reasons include minor issues such as a loose gas cap to problems with the ignition coils or spark plugs. Other issues may be related to the oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, ignition coil, airflow sensor, or fuel injectors. There are a few rare occasions when this light may come on and nothing is wrong, but either way, it should never be ignored. The light is there for a reason-to warn drivers that there are potential problems with their vehicle that need to be addressed.

Vehicle Diagnostics Oak Grove, MO

Before you panic when your check engine light comes on, contact Bird Automotive, LLC today. We’re a family-owned, ASE Certified automotive repair shop and we can perform the proper onboard vehicle diagnostics to find the root of the problem. Once we determine what’s causing the light to come on, we’ll recommend the right repairs to get you back on the road safely. Never leave the check engine light on for long. Contact us today and schedule an appointment so we can help you find out what’s causing that annoying light on your dashboard to glow.

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