Engine Repair in Oak Grove, MO

Engine RepairThe engine in your vehicle is a complex system of moving parts that rely on each other to work correctly. If you run into trouble with your engine, the problem could get worse over time if the issue is not addressed immediately. Whether you drive an Import or an American vehicle, the pros at Bird Automotive, LLC can provide you with the engine repair and services your car requires to run smoothly. From minor hiccups to major overhauls, we have over 16 years of experience working on vehicles, and we’re fully ASE Certified. We also offer a NAPA Nationwide Warranty that covers our work for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Engine Repair Oak Grove MO

Whether your vehicle is suddenly making strange noises or it’s simply not running the way it should, it’s important to have the problem addressed sooner rather than later. When engine troubles go ignored, it may lead to complete engine failure or another problem that could result in lengthy, expensive repairs. Bird Automotive, LLC is here to help you determine the cause of the problem and take steps to get it corrected.

One common vehicle problem is related to the oxygen sensor. If you notice that your car is idling “high” or jerking when you accelerate, it could be due to a bad oxygen sensor. This part is often found in older vehicles and can make your car jerk or shake. Transmission troubles are also common for many drivers. As your car gets older, the ignition coils and spark plugs may need to be replaced. If your car won’t start or the engine misfires, it may be in relation to your transmission which can be fixed for less if you get the problem repaired sooner rather than later.

Why Choose Bird Automotive?

Complex engine troubles should always be addressed by a trained mechanic. There can be hundreds of reasons why your vehicle is not operating the way it should, and that requires someone with experience to help you determine what’s causing the problem. At Bird Automotive, LLC, we have the skills and experience to make a wide variety of engine repairs. You should never leave your vehicle’s engine to chance. Contact us at the first sign of engine trouble so we can perform an inspection and get your car running the way it should. From transmission troubles to sensors and more, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to schedule you for engine repair and service.

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