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You rely on your tires to get you where you need to go. If the tires on your vehicle are out of alignment, improperly inflated, or simply worn-out, it’s important to get them repaired or completely replaced as soon as possible. Bird Automotive LLC offers a complete range of tire services to get you back on the road. We also carry a wide selection of tires by several brand names for your passenger car or light truck. Before you decide whether it’s new tires you need, read on for a few common tire repairs that can get your vehicle running smoothly again.

Wheel Alignment Oak Grove, MO

When you drive, your tires and your vehicle is constantly coming into contact with different types of terrain. Whether it’s a rugged mountain road or a city street with lots of road construction, eventually, your tires can become out of alignment. If your tires aren’t aligned, it can cause excess wear and tear on the tread of your tires, potentially resulting in a dangerous blowout. Let our ASE Certified shop perform a wheel alignment so you can extend the life of your tires.

Tire Pressure Inspection

Every vehicle has a specific required level of inflation for the tires. You can find yours by looking on the inside panel of your door or in your owner’s manual. When the air in your tires is too low or too high, it can cause a flat. Check the air in your tires regularly to make sure that each one is inflated at the proper level. If you end up with a flat, let us know and we can replace your tire right away.

Tire Repair

You can end up with a flat tire simply by running over a sharp object. If the damage is minor, we may be able to perform a quick patch or plug. This process is less expensive than a new tire, and it can often be the ideal solution as long as the damage to the tire isn’t too severe.

Tires Near Me

No matter what type of service you need for your tires, contact Bird Automotive LLC today. We carry a myriad of tires for every make and model, and we can also perform tire services like wheel alignments, rotation, and more. Check the inflation in your tires and look for signs of wear and tear to the tread. If you notice anything unusual, it’s best to come in so we can check it out for you. Don’t end up stranded on the side of the road with a flat. Call Bird Automotive LLC and schedule your appointment for your Oak Grove tires repair or replacement today!

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