Engine Problems Caused By a Stolen Catalytic Converter

The precious metal platinum is one reason why people steal catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are also made out of rhodium and palladium. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much time to remove a catalytic converter from underneath an automobile if you use a metal saw. Bird automotive is going to list the engine problems caused by a stolen catalytic converter below.

Roaring and Rumbling

You will know right away that there is a problem with your engine when you press the start button or turn the ignition key. If someone has taken the catalytic converter, your engine noise will be extremely loud. The engine will also roar and rumble when you press down on the accelerator. There’s no mistaking that you no longer have a catalytic converter to absorb the exhaust noise.

Illuminated CEL

You will also see that the check engine light is on. The engine control module turns this light on because it can’t resolve the problems that are sent to it by the exhaust system sensors. The only way to resolve the issues in the exhaust system is to replace the catalytic converter. Until this is done, the check engine light will remain illuminated on the dashboard.

Punchy Acceleration

We mentioned above that the engine roars louder when you press down on the accelerator. If you put your vehicle in gear and press down on the accelerator, your automobile is going to jerk forward multiple times. This punchy acceleration makes driving the vehicle nearly impossible. It isn’t a good idea to drive the automobile anyway if the catalytic converter is not underneath the vehicle to intake the exhaust.

Lagging at Slow Speeds

In addition to jerky acceleration, your automobile will also suffer from slow-speed sputtering. The catalytic converter helps the engine with its low-end torque production. This is the power that the engine produces to meet the speed you are demanding out of the accelerator. In the case of slow speeds, the engine will have a difficult time producing power for a smooth ride.

Noticeable Exhaust Odors

Finally, we mentioned above that you shouldn’t drive your automobile because the catalytic converter is not there to intake the exhaust. Consequently, untreated exhaust floats upward in the air and wafts into the inside of your vehicle. In other words, you could be inhaling exhaust while you are driving.

Bird Automotive in Oak Grove, MO, can help. Call us today if you need the damage of a stolen catalytic converter repaired and a new catalytic converter.

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